Traffic Signal Management: LA County

Requirement: Communication network solution for a multi-jurisdictional Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) to support an Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS): Existing Signal Controller products provided by multiple manufacturers for over 5000 signalized intersections; Video transport for over 500 cameras.

Solution: Systems Integrated provided a wireless system integrated with existing fiber and leased line communication services, design based on an intensive survey of terrain, and wireless studies. The system supports both serial and ethernet communication protocols with less than 100ms latency. The system has been in operation since 2006, and continues to grow as new intersections are added.

Transit Signal Priority:
San Francisco

Opportunity: Improve SFMTA bus commute times

Solution: Systems Integrated installed Proxim MP8200 Fiber capacity radios at 600 intersections throughout San Francisco providing a communication infrastructure for Transit Signal Priority and backhauling CCTV cameras at fixed locations. GTT Opticom radios communicate GPS positioning information from the bus to the intersection to enable transit signal priority.

Result: Commute times improved by 10-20% 

New Application: Expanding to support mobile access to Muni bus on‐board CCTV cameras.

Platform Safety: Toronto Transit

Requirement: Automatically display platform camera images in the Train Engineer Cabin as train enters station.

Solution: Systems Integrated designed and installed a unique system with 5GHz radios on the platform and 5GHz mobile radios inside the train, the complete system included video encoders, fiber switches and a custom on board computer with custom software to read RFID tags as the train enters a station sothe correct video is displayed. The train Engineer is able to view all cameras on the station platform to ensure public safety prior to departing.


Suffolk County Water Authority

Customer since 1998

SCWA serves approximately 1.2 million Suffolk County residents. The Authority is the largest groundwater supplier in the country. This project has over 450 locations over 400 square miles and operates the entire water system. RTUs: 400 GE 90-30 PLCs equipped with SI communication co-processors. Software: ONSITE® HMI SCADA Software. Wireless: 600 Metricom spread spectrum radios. All of the remote sites have direct communications access over the wireless network to all other sites with all of the RTUs having the ability to directly communicate with other RTUs to continually operate the water distribution system even if there is a complete failure of the central site.

Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (EVMWD)

Customer since 2004

EVMWD is a distributed wireless control system used to control the water production and flow of drinking water to Elsinore Valley and operate the lift stations and treatment plants. There are over 300 sites in the system with multiple redundant communications solutions all using wireless communications. Radios: Proxim MP11 5.8Ghz Point-to- Multipoint Radio System. The Telemetry Control Panels located at each of EVMWD’s sites incorporated the Allen-Bradley CompactLogix Programmable Automation Controller hardware to harness Ethernet connectivity. Software: Migrated from Wonderware to ONSITE® HMI SCADA Software. All of the remote sites have direct communications access over the wireless network to all other sites with all of the RTUs having the ability to directly communicate with other RTUs to continue the operation of the water distribution system even if there is a complete failure of the central site.

Seattle Public Utilities

Customer since 2004

Operates the largest gravity system in the US. SI provided a turnkey Water Distribution SCADA system for control and monitoring of the potable water distribution system throughout the greater Seattle metropolitan region. The system consists of a main Operations Control Center, a backup Network Operations Center and 110 Allen Bradley PLC control panels connected via frame relay network. The scope of supply includes computers, onSITE® software, PLCs, instrumentation, communications, and network LAN/WAN appliances.

Metropolitan Water District

Customer since 1994

MWD is the world’s second largest water wholesale entity and provides water to 18+ million people in parts of Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties. SI provided engineering, installation and support services for a new SCADA system controlling 6 water filtration plants and 400 remote facility sites. SI provided a computer based control system designed to provide supervisory control of 60% of MWD’s operations infrastructure related to water delivery. There are six Area Control Centers (ACCs) interconnected with bridges and routers using a redundant T1 (1.44 Mbit communications circuit) WAN scheme. The operator workstations connect to the SCADA server using a fiber optic LAN. The RTUs connect to their control centers using a second tier LAN.


Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Castaic Hydroelectric Power Plant

Project—In Progress:

The purpose of the CPP Control System Upgrade Project is to replace and improve the existing controls with modern, state of the art hardware and software. The project will increase the overall generating capacity, improve reliability, and increase the plant availability.

SI is prime contractor responsible for the system design, furnishing equipment, start-up and commissioning for the new control system.

Key elements of the upgrade include new unit controls, digital governors, exciters, balance-of-plant, redundant fiber opc communications and control room upgrade.

Key system suppliers include American Governor, GE Power Systems and Siemens. 

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District.
States of Montana, North & South Dakota

Upper Missouri River Control System. Four plants listed among largest volume dams in the US, top 25 largest volumes in the world.

Modernization of six Hydro Plant’s automation systems. Installed primary & backup regional control center computer systems.

Installed servers, workstations and plant communication LANs using fiber optic cable. Interfaced SCADA LAN with Corps microwave to form interplant WAN.

SI’s onSITE. SCADA provides the real-time visualization, control, alarm annunciation and historian data functions. SI has provided support for the system since 2001.

Nasional Berhad Hydroelectric Automation
Kaula Lumpor, Malaysia

Five Hydro Plants modernized for AGC, unit and generator control. Two new Hydro Plant automation systems based on a Bailey control system.

Installed servers, workstations and LAN equipment at each plant and in local and national dispatch centers.

SI’s onSITE® SCADA provides the real-time visualization, control, alarm annunciation and historian data functions. SI has maintained service contract for entire system since 2000.


Since our founding in 1974, Systems Integrated (SI) has been in the forefront of technology, delivering innovative solutions that put our customers in control. Our experience spans a wide range of industries including – power generation, electric utilities, water/wastewater utilities, intelligent transportation systems and communications.


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