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Systems Integrated specializes in integrating complex networking, wireless and control systems for Transit, Rail & Traffic Management, Water and Wastewater, Energy and National Security. Systems Integrated develops custom solutions using commercial off the shelf (COTS) products that integrate into customers’ existing systems to maximize re-use and reduce end-user cost and maintenance.


Systems Integrated (SI) is the company that city and county agencies look to for providing complete turnkey solutions for their Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) communication network. A successful ITS implementation relies on a seamless communication network connecting traffic intersections along a corridor to enable the intelligence function.

Water & Waste Water

SI designs, constructs, configures, installs and sup-ports Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems for water and wastewater utilities. Our electrical, mechanical, application and quality assurance engineers develop the most effective solution for our customers, applying an agnostic ap-proach for providing hardware and software solutions. From field instrumentation up to the control room, a complete system can be provided.

Hydro Electric Power

Systems Integrated provides complete automation services for utilities with needs in their substation, distribution and hydroelectric facilities. Our services include engineering, installation, test and support for hardware, communication links and software necessary to connect the facility to your control room.


The SI Government Services Division (GSD) is uniquely positioned to provide support to a vast array of Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) and ocean science programs, leveraging the engineering knowledge of SI and the subject matter expertise of a number of key individuals who have worked in the epicenter of ASW during the Cold War (OPNAV; the Naval Ocean System Center (NOSC); ONR; and the Navy labs.

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Since our founding in 1974, Systems Integrated (SI) has been in the forefront of technology, delivering innovative solutions that put our customers in control. Our experience spans a wide range of industries including – power generation, electric utilities, water/wastewater utilities, intelligent transportation systems and communications.


Corporate Headquarters

  • 2200 N Glassell
  • Orange, CA 92865

  • Engineering Center
  • 8080 Dagget St Suite 120
  • San Diego, CA 92111

  • Email:
  • Phone: +1 (714) 988-0900
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