The SI Government Services Division (GSD) is uniquely positioned to provide support to a vast array of Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) and ocean science programs, leveraging the engineering knowledge of SI and the subject matter expertise of a number of key individuals who have worked in the epicenter of ASW during the Cold War – OPNAV, SPAWAR, ONR, and the Navy labs.

Why choose Systems Integrated?

SI Key Personnel Have Extensive ASW Knowledge:

  • Dave De Leeuw – 30+ Years
  • Randy Doblar – 30+ Years
  • Karl Focke – 40+ Years
  • Erik Holmstrom – 30+ Years

Employing SI Provides Significant Benefits to the Government and to Government Contractors

  • SI is a Small Women Owned Minority Business Enterprise
  • SI personnel have an in-depth knowledge of current key ASW programs within DOD
  • Customers can benefit from an ‘Independent Organization’ helping to plan and execute their at-sea planning and operations 

Systems Integrated Government Services Division Offering

Overall Program/Project Management

Chief Scientist/Processing & Analysis

Ship Leasing and Operational Platform Management

Sea Test Planning

Test Plan Development & Reviews
  • Security Test Plan
  • Integrated Test Plan
  • Unit Test Plan
  • Test Readiness Reviews (TRR)
  • Post-test Hot Wash & Final Report

At-Sea Test Direction/Management

Coordinate All Mission Logistics
  • Shipping & Pre-test Mobilization
Sea Test Direction
  • Large or Small Operations
  • Single or Multiple Platform Tests
Post-Test Logistics
  • Platform Demobilization & Equipment Shipping

Management of Support Needs

Operational Communications Systems

  • Phone
  • Internet

On-board Navigation for Test Direction

Environmental Data Collection

J15 Sound Source Operation & TL Data Collection

Contract Bid Support

Capture Management

Proposal Development

Subject Matter Expertise/Consulting


Since our founding in 1974, Systems Integrated (SI) has been in the forefront of technology, delivering innovative solutions that put our customers in control. Our experience spans a wide range of industries including – power generation, electric utilities, water/wastewater utilities, intelligent transportation systems and communications.


Corporate Headquarters

  • 2200 N Glassell
  • Orange, CA 92865

  • Engineering Center
  • 8080 Dagget St Suite 120
  • San Diego, CA 92111

  • Email:
  • Phone: +1 (714) 988-0900
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